The choice

Last Saturday I got engaged. The day before during dinner with my girlfriends sister and her husband they said they were doing a “reboot” this week. They mentioned the “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” movie and that they were gonna try it… On Sunday I watched the documentary on Netflix and it hit me… I need to do this, for me, my fianceé, my future kids… For my health, for my “morbid” obesity, for my life…

Next day I checked the webpage ( and downloaded the 3-day and 10-day free reboot programs. I read them, it makes sense, doesn’t seem that hard to prepare. So I am on my preparation week trying to reduce/eliminate bad foods from my diet, resting more, etc.; just as recomended.

Today I watched the second part of the film and relized that it is not a 10-day program and go back to your life… It needs to be a change in my lifestyle…

I’m ready for it… I’ve been on low back pain for around 6-8 months. But I haven’t gone to a doctor because the first thing they’re gonna say is “gotta lose weight”… How much do I weight? Don’t  know… My scale allows up to 150kg, it has been showing “error” for over a year… I barely excercise (once or twice every other week)… This needs to stop… 

As mentioned, I’ve started the prep week since yesterday by having a green smoothie on the morning before breakfast, and having a smoothie dinner. Today I just got a smoothie as breakfast… I’ve already “packed” some fruits and veggies on bags, ready to to to the blender… I am buying a juicer on the weekend… 

How far would I go? First, I’m doing a 10-day program… Hope I can last more than that…


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